W. Jeffrey Jones

I'm going to teach you how to hand build a large asymmetrical form

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Since 1986, I’ve been making a living as a professional artist. While that’s a dream shared by a lot of people, one important thing most overlook is that it requires lots of work and discipline.

I work at least 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week in some form of the art-making business. In the 1990s, I would throw pots and demonstrate for one company all day, then come home and throw another 50-75 mugs every night to fill large orders. That’s a lot of hours, but my throwing skills and clay techniques rapidly intensified from the experience. Now, for a skilled thrower, handbuilding is like wading through a swamp. It seems to take forever by comparison to the speed wheelthrowing affords, but  handbuilding allows me the freedom to make forms however I envision, not so limited by the wheel.

I teach pottery and sculpting classes on a regular basis out of my studio. As a working artist, I’ve streamlined a lot of what I teach based upon my own production techniques. Some techniques work much better than others to achieve extraordinary results. The videos available to you this year through the Ceramics Congress are all selected and produced by a wonderful group of artists to help instruct or guide you through some processes that may be unfamiliar in some way. That said, even the simplest processes can be made inspirational by an experienced artist who puts a slightly different slant on an otherwise ordinary technique. Dig deep.

I’m twice the artist I used to be, but only half the artist I want to be.



Instagram: @wjeffjones and @the_clay_cup

Facebook: The Clay Cup - A Coffee Pottery

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