The Ceramics Congress Schedule

Friday 1st May (Design)

Friday, May 1st, 16:00Stage: Welcome to The Ceramics Congress!
Sessions: Meet and Greet Group Calls
Sessions: VIP Kick-Off Party
Expo Booths: Explore the Expo Booths
Friday 17:00Stage: Live Music with The Coasters Band
Networking: Which Workshops are you most looking forward to?
Friday 18:00Stage: Eric Van Eimeren - Handles Workshop
Friday 19:00Sessions: Has it all been done before / Where do you see ceramics in 2100?
Friday 20:00Stage: Jo Taylor - How to make parts for dynamic sculptures
Stage: Adil Writer - SWEET DREAMS & MANDALA films
Friday 21:00Stage: Steven Showalter - How to spray glaze for perfect results
Session: Q&A with Jo Taylor
Friday 22:30Stage: Laura Plant - How to slipcast a jug
Sessions: Q&A with Steven Showalter & How can someone start making their own glazes?
Saturday, May 2nd, 00:00Stage: Brooke Millecchia - How to hand-build a baby soy bottle
Sessions: Wheel Throwing Challenge (100g vases)
Saturday, 01:30Stage: Aaron Scythe - How to make patchwork bottles
Sessions: Computer aided design - what counts as handmade?
Saturday 02:30Stage: Jackie Masters - Porcelain bowl throwing and tips
Sessions: Q&A with Aaron Scythe
Sessions: Constructive Encouragement - bring your own work!
Saturday 03:00Stage: Mike Stumbras - How To pull multicomponent handles
Networking: What's the best thing you learned today?
Saturday 04:00Sessions: Should you use ceramics to tackle current world issues, e.g. climate change?
Stage: End of Day Tombola / Raffle
Sessions & Networking: Open until Saturday

Saturday 2nd May (Decoration)

Saturday, May 2nd, 15:00Sessions: Brooke Millecchia - How to make a window scene
Networking: What was your biggest takeaway from yesterday?
Saturday, May 2nd, 16:00Stage: Dusty Hanson - How to use underglaze washes
Networking: Collaboration Networking
Saturday 17:00Stage: Senta Achée - How to make illustrative tumblers
Sessions: Group Challenge / Project
Saturday 18:00Sessions: Kate Johnston - How to carve a platter
Saturday 19:00Stage: Matthew Schiemann - "Pitcher Perfect" - How to make pitchers
Sessions: How to design a collection of work?
Saturday 20:00Stage: Shawna Pincus - Print and Transfer with a Gelli plate
Sessions: Pottery studio fitness workout with Chiara Steuerer
Saturday 21:00Stage: Hannah Billingham - How to make miniatures
Sessions: Should you use a sketchbook, and if so, how do you use it?
Saturday 22:00Stage: Andrew Clark - How to alter mugs, cups and tumblers
Sessions: What's the difference between art/craft within ceramics?
Saturday 23:00Stage: Ebony Russell - Piping pots
Expo Booths: Midnight Ceramics Q&A on Glazing
Sunday, May 3rd, 00:00Stage: Ryan Rakhshan - Howto throw large vases
Expo Booths: Midnight Ceramics Glazing Q&A
Sunday 01:00Stage: Becca Jane Koehler - How to make a pressed flower plate
Sunday 02:00Stage: Lori Phillips - How to make complex forms from simple pinch pots and minimal tools
Sunday 03:00Stage: Dean McRaine - How to make & use colored clay
Sunday 04:00Stage: End of Day Tombola / Raffle
Sessions & Networking: Open until Sunday

Sunday 3rd May (Business)

Sunday, May 3rd, 16:00Stage: Mairi Stone - How to make impressed tiles
Sessions: Rosa Wiland Holmes - Handbuilding Workshop
Networking: What was your biggest takeaway from yesterday?
Sunday 17:00Stage: Joshua Collinson - Online marketing for potters
Sessions: Nica Schuemie - Mindfulness meditation for makers
Sunday 18:00Stage: Dr Wendy Gers - How to evaluate your artwork
Sessions: Instagram for potters
Expo Booths: Online Pottery Market
Sunday 19:00Stage: Erin Carpenter - How to make a double walled piece
Sessions: How can you "Pandemic-Proof" your Pottery Business?
Sunday 20:00Stage: Tim See - How to design a mug
Sessions: Pinterest for potters
Sessions: Ceramic educators catch-up: Teachers/Community studios & ceramics in the community
Sunday 21:00Stage: Samira Bodaghi - Crystalline Glazes
Sessions: How should you setup your home studio?
Sunday 22:00Stage: Bilyana Yankulova - How to do abstract printing with underglazes
Sessions: How would you make your first sale in 30 days?
Sunday 23:00Stage: Joe Lee - How to carve a teacup
Sessions: How would you make a $1000 mug?
Sessions: Troubleshooting glazes
Monday, May 4th, 00:00Stage: Lisa Schenkelberg - Connecting with clay - guided meditation
Sessions: Group challenge/project
Sessions: Advice on artist statements
Monday 01:00Stage: Lex Feldheim - How to design & use water slide decals
Sessions: How to price your ceramics
Monday 02:00Stage: Marcos Ghisio - How to make a sphere
Networking: End of day networking & exchanging social media accounts.
Monday 03:00Wrap-up Closing Party
Monday 04:00Wrap-up Closing Party

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