Joshua Collinson

I'm going to teach you how you can start & scale your online pottery business

Hi, my name's Josh and I run The Ceramic School.

My first paid job was at High School, as the Art Technician. So from the ages of 14-17 I would stay behind after school and reclaim clay, find and clean the tools, load and unload the kilns etc.

I studied Fine-Art at university, starting off wanting to paint big abstract paintings, but then fell in love with sculpture... But after doing that for a year, and constantly hearing from the teachers that I would only be a Starving Artist, I swapped to do Computer 3D Animation instead.

Two months after finishing Uni, I met an Austrian girl and bought a one-way ticket to Vienna... and ended up making websites to support myself whilst living in Vienna. Over the last fifteen years, I have grown from just making websites, to coaching small businesses about how to get online, how to increase their profit by using sales funnels, how to reach their target audience by using marketing funnels, and just generally helping them be successful. I get a real buzz out of creating things - both online and offline.

In 2016 I created The Ceramic School website as a way for me to share my passion for pottery with the world.

It's grown quite big since then, and I am loving it.

During the organizing of this congress, I was constantly thinking about what kind of video I could share with you to help you the most. (I hope that it has helped!) This also led me onto thinking about what would be the best thing I could offer you today, in order for you to find your own success.

Click Here to read more about the Six Week Pottery Business Workshop.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside,

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